Follow-up on RIM

So, here we are, just over a year since my last entry when I specifically said that if RIM did not release their QNX OS by the end of 2011, I would be back with a grim entry.

Well, I’m back (and I don’t plan on abandoning the blog like that again) and I’m not about to add myself to the pile of negativity currently surrounding RIM. I’m here to renew my stance on RIM and the future of BlackBerry, given the happenings over the past year.

One thing’s for sure; not much has changed on the media front. They are bashing and burning RIM as often as they were this time last year, but the difference now is that in addition to being biased, they are just simply being unfair. It’s one thing to seek out cheap headlines to get the clicks, but it’s something completely different to turn every news story (positive or negative) into an opportunity to ridicule and berate the company and their products.

I don’t understand why people aren’t realizing that competition is healthy and important. It’s the sole reason why the iPhone even has most of the features it has today. Without competition, innovation stagnates (ala Microsoft in the 90s and early 2000s) and then you’ll be begging for someone to step up to the plate to break the monopoly.

Instead of encouraging and cheering on the demise of a product line, people should be giving RIM a chance. Sure, they are taking some time to get BB10 onto the market, but this is a completely new platform we’re talking about here. The iPhone and Android platforms were not created in 1 or 2 years, and neither will BB10.

RIM has already taken great strides in the recent months to show that they are serious about getting back into the game. Their marketing efforts are being redefined, they have a real and meaningful social media presence, they are reaching out to developers with useful open source tools, guides, and community events, and they are trying to get those stragglers who are still using OS 5 phones to upgrade so that they stop attempting to unfairly compare their ancient phones with the latest iPhone.

Of course I realize that I’m asking too much from society. Being mindless jackasses is in the human DNA. No matter what anyone says, people will be people, and of course that means they’ll hop on whatever bandwagon everyone else is on. At least this mindless jackass will continue to support local, and not give into the hive mind.


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